Become a 
Hand-Picked Partner

Hand-Picked Partners are vendors who come highly recommended to us for wedding services. The requirements for entry:
- Vendor is willing to offer their services for this particular venue.
- Vendor operates a professional business that helps couples enjoy the wedding of their dreams.
- Vendor realizes there may be other similar vendors listed in the wedding planner.

There is an opportunity for Hand-Picked Partners to receive leads at $3-$5 per lead or at a flat monthly fee capped to fit your budget. Vendors who purchase a minimum of $500/month of leads may display the planner(s) on their own websites and marketing efforts. 

Why would I want to participate?

What's the difference between a $3 and $5 Lead?

$3 leads are First Name and email of couple downloading the guide.
$5 are any couples who request a free 30-minute consultation with the Easy Wedding Planners team and have checked boxes relevant to your services that they’d like more assistance with. 

How do I get billed?

Easy Wedding Planners will invoice you once a month based upon the number of leads sent to you and what you’ve requested as a cap. You may also request a flat monthly fee.

Do I have to buy leads to be hand-picked?

Yes, but you can cap the amount of leads sent to you per month.

Do I HAVE to do this?

Absolutely not - if you already have a great relationship with the venue and don’t need leads, you can continue business as usual. These planners are designed to connect couples who want a fun, simple way to plan their Vermont / Adirondack destination wedding from our hand-picked partners who can make their dream wedding come true.

I'm in! Now What?

Hey, that's GREAT! Shoot me an email and let's talk!

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