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12-month Wedding Planners showcasing beautiful Vermont and Adirondack Wedding venues tailored for your perfect destination wedding!

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How Does it Work?

Easy Wedding Planners are a series of 12-month wedding planners that couples can download for free. The planners are tailored for Vermont / Adirondack Wedding venues and are released twice a year. (Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter)

There are 6 wedding planner websites soon-to-be-published for couples to choose from:

- LakeChamplainWedding.com
- BurlingtonVtWedding.com
- EssexVtWedding.com
- StoweVtWedding.com
- KillingtonVtWedding.com
- AdirondacksWedding.com


Inside each planner is a list of wedding vendors (known as our Hand-Picked Partners,) who work with that venue. Couples "unlock" our Hand-Picked Partners when they download the wedding planner from the venue of their choice.

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See the flip-book we created for An Affair by the Lake &
get a feel for the couple's experience using 
Easy Wedding Planners


Tailored Planners for Wedding Venues

Each wedding planner is tailored for participating wedding venues and is available as a free download on one of our Easy Wedding Planners websites sorted by geographic location.

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